Dutch photographer Iwan Baan is known for images that narrate the life and interactions that occur within architecture. He says of his own work: “I am interested in buildings and the urban environment but there is also a lot of fragility in my images. I am interested in how fragile we are. Things can disappear in a moment.” Iwan’s aerial image of Manhattan in an almost unreal state, half blacked out and half lit, showed the fragility of a city and became an instant icon that gained notoriety around the world in a flash. Taken from a helicopter at 5000 feet, the image went viral the same day of publication on the cover of New York magazine and has made numerous lists of best photographs of 2012 since. Iwan's images appear frequently in The New York Times, Domus, Abitare and The New Yorker among others. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at the Perry Rubinstein Gallery in Los Angeles, entitled The Way We Live opening on February 20th, 2013. Recent book publications include Torre David/Gran Horizonte (created by Urban Think Tank and Iwan Baan), a documentation of an informal community created in an occupied high rise where citizens of Caracas created new homes and identities in an abandoned and unfinished building. An exhibition by the same name won a Golden Lion at the 13th International Architectural Exhibition-la Biennale di Venezia for Best Project of the International Exhibition Common Grounds. The book and exhibition was created by Urban Think Tank and Iwan Baan and curated by Justin McQuirk.