Made Up is the commercial portfolio of London-based image-maker Charles Williams. His work uses geometric shapes, the continuous line, isometric grids, interconnected forms, and a surreal three-dimensional aesthetic. Charles' folio includes type, illustration, portraiture, and tactile pieces, and his work has graced magazine covers, ad campaigns, branding design, animation, and various exhibitions.

Hailing from beautiful Manchester, Charles studied Graphic Arts in Liverpool before working as a graphic designer for several years. This led to him developing his distinctive illustrative style, which he continues to push in new directions. Charles draws everything by hand in detail before working digitally. In addition to his digital work, he creates hand-built artworks that mimic digital aesthetics, and allow him to get away from the computer for a bit.

Clients Include: Adidas, Adobe, Bestival, Bonnaroo, Bulmers, Campaign, Creative Review, Converse, The Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Fortune Magazine, The FT, FX, Google, GQ, IBM, The Hollywood Reporter, Icon, Inc.com, Lego, Mercedes, The New Statesman, The New Yorker, Nike, The Oscars, PRweek, Scientific American, Soho House Group, Stuff, Uniqlo, Variety, The Village Voice, VW, The Washington Post, and Wired.

Charles's website: http://www.madeup.org/

Charles's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisismadeup/