Justin Poulter grew up in a quaint seaside town on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa where he learned how to skateboard and ride bikes with his friend Dan. The first time Justin took a liking to typography was at the age of 9, when he rose to the top of his class at forging the Stüssy logo.

Being the best at drawing made him a hero at school, which is why, when a boring outing to the whale museum led to his creating a comic book called ‘Whale Bones’, it was met with praise and adoration instead of detention.

Having recently moved over, he now lives in London with his home-girl Lucille, with the intention of getting a cat.

Clients Include: Anyways Agency, Bacardi, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Google, Hot Key Books, Hunter, Men's Health Magazine, MM&M Magazine, National Geographic, Nedbank, Nike, Red Bull, The South African Reserve Bank, Tetley Tea, Vans, The Webby Awards, and Wieden+Kennedy.

Justin's website: http://www.justinpoulter.com/

Justin's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinpoulter/