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Jethro Haynes grew up between a town in southern England and a small Arabian country, where a fascination with nature (particularly the ocean and it’s fauna and flora), pattern, process, and the universe took hold. Early memories include wide-eyed snorkeling sessions, lizard, scorpion and snake bothering outings, desert camping missions, eagle saving exploits, the music of The Beach Boys, air-show attendance, model kit building with his Dad, and elaborate den construction.

Since then skateboarding, drawing, making things, photography, and general lurking around in nature have featured heavily among his favorite pursuits.

Hand-crafted creation and design are at the centre of Jethro’s approach to his set builds and artistic activities. Whether it’s his detailed and surreal model-making, sculpture, digital and handcrafted typography, or underwater photography, he’s always interested in discovering new methods and techniques to facilitate his creative output.

He lives in London with an ever-increasing collection of fossils, skateboard stickers, and Aloe Vera plants; but he fantasizes about living by/in the tropical ocean. His favorite animal is the octopus and he's saving up to become one. Help him realize his ludicrous dream!

Clients include: AOL, BBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, Carhartt, Dazed & Confused, Deutsche Bank, Estrella Damm, Fast Company, The Guardian, Guinness, Ministry of Sound, Nickelodeon, Nike, Norwegian Air, Nudie Jeans, OATH, Ogilvy, Red Bull, Saatchi & Saatchi, Slam City Skates, Time Out, Tumblr, Twinings and XXL Magazine.

Jethro's website: https://www.jethro-haynes.com/

Jethro's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jethrohaynes/