George Law is a freelance illustrator who hails from the city of Sheffield in England, UK and specialized in illustration at Nottingham Trent University. Since graduating in 2007 George has worked with applying his graphic style of doodling and digital collage. Utilizing drawing as the sole basis across his work, he either turns his hand to analogue or digital techniques to produce artwork that can sprawl across office walls or sit vibrantly on the screen.

Many references can be gleaned from Geo’s style such as street art, touches of Studio Ghibli, hints of Nintendo and general doodling. He notes that the most important aspect of his work is fun and that fun can be reflected back to the audience and offer a sense of positivity with subtle hints. Geo likes to soak up visual cultures of all kinds from fashion, animation, video games and comic books all of which feed into his palette. Like most creatives he requires good amounts of coffee and good music to help him work and express his ideas with various projects. His future ambitions include applying his work to toys, animation and bigger installation projects.

Clients include: Converse, Dunkin' Donuts, eOne Family, Facebook, Microsoft, Rolo Tomassi, Sumo Digital, The Washington Post, WaterAid America, Wieden + Kennedy, and Whole Foods Market.

Geo's website: http://www.getaloadageo.co.uk/

Geo's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geolaw/