Based between the UK and Nice, Ery Burns is a graphic illustrator, artist, and keen snorkeler with a vivid imagination that fuels her growing repertoire of artwork. With a natural drawing style that has been evolving since childhood, she channels her love of cities, culture, animals and nature into her own sensory perception of the world. Ery's engagingly vivid illustrations have been used across media in advertising, editorial, publishing, fashion, and print projects.

Ery jumped headfirst into advertising in 2009 when she was commissioned by Virgin Atlantic to design 28 different billboards, posters and banners for the London Underground. Since then she has continued to work with many esteemed clients, and has enjoyed seeing her work featured in Computer Arts and international magazines across Europe and Asia.

Clients include: Aviva Insurance, Barclays Bank, Brompton Bicycle, Cargo London, Denmark, EMI Publishing, Fenchurch Clothing, Interbrand, INQ Mobile, Jansport, Kohburg, Men's Health Magazine, Microsoft, Modify Watches, Schaeffer pens, Shropshire County Council, South London Press, Ten 4 Magazine, Timeout Magazine Kids, Tumblr, and Virgin Atlantic.

Ery's website: https://www.eryburns.com/

Ery's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eryburns/